About Us

Value Based

Our number one goal is to provide value.

What we do is recycle appliances by repairing and reselling at an affordable price. The headache you'd have to go through just to move your appliances is hard enough. Not to mention how costly it is at a major appliance store for a new set. Why not let us get them for you safely free of charge? Drop offs are also welcome by appointment if you'd like to stop by and say hello.

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The Beginning

Started as and still is Ocala's first and only appliance pickup and removal service.

Appliance Pickers is a small family owned business that specializes in washers and dryers based in Ocala, FL. In the past few years, we have grown into gaining many satisfied customers and continue to provide you with quality appliances, on time deliveries and the kind of customer service you only get with a local family owned business.

Where We're Headed

We plan to build on the foundation of our services by expanding to other counties and continuing to provide affordable refurbished appliances.

Our Process

1: Contact Us
Phone: 352-207-7809 - Email: appliancepickersflorida@gmail.com
2: Send Photos
Send photos for the machines you'd like to sell for a quicker response.
3: Schedule Time
Schedule a time for a pickup, delivery or repair and to get a quote.
4: Follow Us
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